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About Us Brabeton.com
About Brabeton.com

About Brabeton » we are an online marketplace, built specifically for Ghana, where vendors can get registered and sell all sorts of products, items, properties, gadgets, etc. for free. Since it is a marketplace, we expect individuals, irrespective of where they are from and where they live or domiciled to be able to have the greatest experience, whilst they shop.

What we deal in at Brabeton

We deal in all sorts of items, which include but not limited to women & men fashion, consumer electronics, phones, notebooks & tablets, health fashion & beauty, TV Audio & Video, Watches, Jewelry & Accessories.

Legal basis

Every item on our platform is checked for its legal basis to sell, and we expect vendors to be wary of this. Any item or product put on the platform, it it is illegal, under the laws of Ghana to sell, the onus rests on the vendor to be accountable to the repurcussions it might have on himself or herself.

It is very imprtant for every vendor to read our Terms of Use before placing any item on this platform to sell. Also, whatever is placed on this platform, should not infringe on the Privacy Policy of Brabeton.com

The name “Brabeton” is written in Akan as “brabɛtɔn” (short form of ‘bra na bɛ tɔn’), which means come and sell.